National Park Visitors’ Center Ennstal

Nationalpark Besucherzentrum Ennstal

National Park Visitors’ Center Ennstal is located directly on the Eisenbundesstraße road between the towns of Reichraming and Großraming. The building brings together nature and the local economy and embodies the strength of the Ennstal national park region. The green waves symbolize the sea of forest in Kalkalpen National Park. Kalkalpen National Park, the Kalkalpen National Park branch of the Austrian Forestry Service, and the Ennstal Tourist Office work closely together in support of the visitors’ center.  

National Park Visitors’ Center Ennstal is handicapped-acBarrierefreicessible!

Opening Times & Admission


Mid-May to the end of October:
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm
Saturday and Sunday and public holiday from 9 am until 12 pm


from November until mid may
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm,
closed Saturday, Sunday and public holidays!

27.12.2023 - 5.1.2024 closed

National Park Visitors’ Center Ennstal
A-4462 Reichraming, Eisenstraße 75
Tel +43 72 54 / 84 14-0, Fax + 43 72 54 / 84 14-640  

School children in all grades € 4,50 (as a class 4,00)
 Adults € 6,00 (group discount upon request)
Family rates: adults pay - children are free!

Visitor Information & Shop free!

Visitor Center 

Besucherinformation Ennstal © Nationalpark KalkalpenAt the visitor center, you will receive expert information about:
• hiking, biking, and bridle paths
• guided national park tours
• special interactive programs for schools
• excursion tips in the national park region
• opening times of area hill farms and huts
• raft and boat rides on the River Enns
• carriage rides in the Reichraminger Hintergebirge
• accommodations in the national park Region  

Exhibition “Wondrous World of the Forest Wilderness”

Ausstellung_Wunderwelt_Waldwildnis©Nationalpark Kalkalpen_Theny

The diversity of the wild forest is displayed in the large diorama. You can see lynx, deer, badgers, foxes, and birds of the forest, as well as the smallest insects on leafy branches and under the tree bark. Hiding under the wood are traces of the teeth marks of typographer beetles, and you can learn the difference between wood-eaters and eaters of wood-eaters. You will also find out how high the largest tree in the national park is and how old trees can become if the course of nature allows. We will introduce you to the “bush drummers” of the wild, and on the “woodpecker xylophone”, you can try your hardest to drum as fast as the woodpecker.
In the forest cinema, with its fascinating nature film "On the path to forest wilderness", immerse yourself in the fairytale landscape of the Reichramiger Hintergebirge: secluded canyons and diverse forests with a black stork, bear, and lynx as the main characters.
Kleine Bewohner des Waldbodens in 100facher Vergrößerung © Nationalpark KalkalpenIn the outdoor area is the interactive station "Wilderness in the ground". Here, you can dive into a hidden world three centimeters below the soil surface. You will come face to face with magnified soil organisms: predatory brown centipedes, peaceful earthworms, woodlice, and pill millipedes - all close enough to touch for those who dare!


Opening times for the "Wondrous World of the Forest Wilderness" exhibition
 Open year-round! 

National Park Forest Workshop

waldwerkstatt_kinder_zeichnen_stückler_800.jpgChildren and teens can also stay active as they participate in programs offered within the framework of the national park forest workshop at the visitors’ center in Ennstal. There are modern microscopes, realistic models, preserved specimens, and various nature materials to research and experiment with. Group offers!